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Our aim is to take immediate action for racial reconciliation, equality and justice; and to create strategic plans for long-term opportunities and advancement for our Black residents in Pomona. Current areas of focus include but are not limited to (1) Support of Black Owned and Operated Businesses, (2) Support of strategic programming and functionality of Non-Profit Organizations for the Black Community, (3) Restoration and Empowerment in Education, (4) Investment in Black Visual and Performing Arts, (5) Equity & Accountability in Community & Policy, and (6) Collective Input and Action from our Community.

Be More

The 4As is a collaborative effort to build and promote programs to ensure Black Empowerment Movement of Reconciliation & Equity (BE MORE)

· BE MORE in Businesses
· BE MORE in Non-Profits

· BE MORE in Education
· BE MORE in Visual and Performing Arts
· BE MORE in Accountability & Policy
· BE MORE in Collective Input

· BE MORE Pomona

Who We Are
Who we are

In June 2020, Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval invited a few dozen Black advocates, educators, elders, faith-based leaders, and youth to have a solution driven conversation to address the racial division and senseless violence in our nation. From this initial discussion we formed the African American Advisory Alliance (4As) and set our Aim towards efforts of reconciliation and equity in our community.

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