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In celebration of this year’s Black History Month we are hosting an online event entitled “I Am Black History”, inspired by Because of Them We Can to engage our students (K-College) and our community as a whole.

Students have the opportunity to contribute to this month long educational program by submitting a photo and/or video of themselves as a Black historic figure (past/present) or share a bit about who 'they are' and how their spark contributes to the Black community.

This project needs our collective effort to educate our City and engage our students on Black History. Outreach support from our local schools, churches and organizations is greatly appreciated. This is also a great opportunity to offer students Extra Academic Credits for their participation.

"Black history is the result of the collective efforts of millions of men and women who sacrificed much to provide a better future for their descendants. But it is also a collection of millions of individual stories. You are a beautiful expression of what it means to be Black in modern times. You are the result of the efforts of your ancestors and you carry on the battle. Tell the world you believe Black. History is beautiful and important. Keep adding your own chapter to the story."

I AM ... Historic Figure

Students will dress as a historic African-American figure for a 1-minute video presentation. (ex. I am Lewis Howard Latimer - inventor who worked with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. He created the durable carbon filament and made the light bulb practical, selling his patent to US Electric Company in 1881)


Students will share a 1-minute video presentation about who they are, what makes them 'spark' and how this contributes to the Black community. (ex. I am a rail-fanner, I am an artist, etc)


Each participant must submit their 1-minute video, at least 2 photos of their I Am figure, and a signed Media Release Form by the Wednesday of each week in February to be considered.  All submission content will be reviewed and are not guaranteed to be shared.

Sign the Media Release below and you will also be able to submit your video or photos along with the release.

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